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Providing safe and secure dialysis care with the latest
Kaikoukai Healthcare Group supports approximately 3,000 dialysis patients through a nationwide dialysis network. We constantly pursue the highest level of quality in dialysis. With the highest level of dialysis techniques, we provide safe and secure dialysis treatment, actively undertaking the prevention, early detection, and early treatment of complications.
Dialysis Facilities/Dialysis Care Network
Dialysis Facilities/Dialysis Care Network Kazuhiro Horikawa-Chairman of the Board of Directors
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The latest dialysis techniques and equipment
Strict management and purification of the dialysate
Highly purified (ultra-pure) dialysate is indispensable for high quality dialysis care. Through innovations in dialysate tubing, the use of endotoxin removal filters, and periodic endotoxin measurements and bacteriological examinations by clinical engineers, we strictly manage the purification of the dialysate.
Introduction of fully automated equipment
We have increased safety and increased work efficiency through the introduction of fully automated dialysis equipment and electronic medical records. Our staff are able to concentrate on patient care, providing more attentive services.
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Providing comprehensive support from the prevention to treatment of
complications with a collaborative system
Supporting a healthy life with dialysis Supporting a healthy life with dialysis
With powers of observation that do not overlook changes in patient conditions and a comprehensive perspective that takes their lifestyles and backgrounds into consideration, we respond attentively to each individual, aiming to maintain and improve the QOL of our patients.
Active measures Active measures
Through regular tests and detailed observation on a daily basis, we implement the early detection and early treatment of complications. Through a collaborative and cooperative system with our group facilities, starting with the Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital, as well as key regional hospitals, we are able to provide specialized tests and treatment.
Thorough foot care
Based on the patient’s path (treatment plan) and foot observation chart, we continuously implement foot management and assessment. With observation, treatment, self-care support, and artificial CO₂ foot bathing, we provide comprehensive care in response to the condition of the feet.
*Each facility is equipped with artificial CO₂ foot bathing equipment.
Supporting dietary management
We provide regular nutritional guidance, nutritional consultations, and practical cooking instruction with a registered dietitian.
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Artificial carbonated spring treatment
Medical Tourism
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