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February 1979 Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital established
August 1981 Ama Kyoritsu Clinic established
1982 Komagane Kyoritsu Clinic established
  Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation established
1987 Shizuoka Kyoritsu Clinic established
1994 Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic Healthcare Corporation established
July   Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic established
1997 Elderly Health Care Facility Care Support Shinchaya established
December   Anjo Kyoritsu Clinic established
March 1998 Kaikoukai Shizuoka Healthcare Corporation established
April   Kaikoukai Nagano Healthcare Corporation established
1999 Kaikoukai Central Clinic established
April 2000

Home-visit Nursing Station Noritake established

Care Plan Center Kyoritsu established

March 2001

Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation established

Nagoya PET Imaging Center established

February 2002 Home-visit Nursing Station Kyoritsu established

Hekikai Kyoritsu Clinic established

Johoku Kyoritsu Clinic established

September   Kaikoukai Rehabilitation Hospital established
May 2003 Elderly Health Care Facility Kaikou established
October   Komagome Kyoritsu Clinic established
February 2004 Kaishoukai Healthcare Corporation established
March   Toyota Kyoritsu Clinic established
November   Handa Kyoritsu Clinic established
Kakegawa Kyoritsu Clinic established
October 2006 Meiko Kyoritsu Clinic established
November 2007 Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation Toshima Central Hospital joins Kaikoukai Healthcare Group
January 2008 East Nagoya Imaging Diagnosis Center established
April   Change in corporate name from Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic Healthcare Corporation to Kaikoukai Gifu Healthcare Corporation
February 2009 Seto Kyoritsu Clinic established
March 2010 Kaikoukai Mie Healthcare Corporation established 
April   Change in corporate name from Kaishoukai Medical Foundation to Kaihoukai Healthcare Corporation
June   Saitama Honoka Clinic established
Kuwana Kyoritsu Clinic established
February 2011 Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation merged with Kaikoukai Shizuoka Healthcare Corporation
April   Kaikoukai Josai Hospital established (receive Nagoya Municipal Josai Hospital from Nagoya city)
Change in corporate name from Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation to Kaishoukai Healthcare Corporation
August   Day Service Center Hikari established
October   Private Nursing Home with Care Nozomi and Small-scale Multifunction Welfare Facility Nozomi established
January 2012 Elderly Dementia Patient Group Home Chikusa and Small-scale Multifunction In-home Nursing Care Chikusa established
August   Care Plan Center Sakura established
September 2013 PT. KAIKOUKAI INDONESIA established
    Change in facility name from Home-visit Nursing Station Noritake to Home-visit Nursing Station Josai
April 2014 Care Plan Center Meiko established
    Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation merged with Kaihoukai Healthcare Foundation
April 2015 Nagoya Long Term Care Assessment Center, North established
April 2016 Care Plan Center Chikusa,established
October   Elderly Dementia Patient Group Home Josai and Small-scale Multifunction welfare Facility Josai established
November   Small-scale Multifunction In-home Nursing Care Kawasemi established
April 2017 Care Plan Center Kaikou established
Care Plan Center Nakagawa established
July 2018 Muroukai Healthcare Corporation(Sanarudai Asahi Clinic and Takaokakita Asahi Clinic) joins Kaikoukai Healthcare Group
April 2019 Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation merged with Kaikoukai Mie Healthcare Corporation
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