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It is the mission of medicine to protect “life and health”, the root of human dignity. In order for us to fulfill this important mission, it is crucial that we not only ensure improvements in medical techniques, but also the ongoing establishment of an ample financial base. In order for us to ensure better lives for tomorrow for our patients, we must also ensure a better tomorrow for our business with healthy business practices. By reinvesting the ample profits reaped in further technical innovation, the employment of talented staff, and new business development, we are able to continuously offer the finest level of high quality medical care.
The field of medicine today is seeing increasing globalization. In Asia, medical care in China and Korea is attracting interest across borders. While this offers patients the advantage of greater choice, it also means that medical institutions face major risks if they are unable to compete globally.
Kaikoukai Healthcare Group has received high global recognition in specific areas such as dialysis care. While our scale is relatively small as a medical institution, we are confident that we have strengths that are recognized even outside of Japan. Going forward, we intend to actively work towards enhancing our competiveness not only in Japan, but with a global perspective.



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