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Kaikoukai Healthcare Group carries out the most advanced medical care while actively taking on the challenge of original technological innovation. Through the use of the most advanced medical equipment and medical staff of the highest caliber, the group as a whole is working to raise the level of techniques used, relentlessly pursuing the most minimally invasive medical care using the latest techniques.
Cancer treatment with advanced medical equipment
Gamma Knife Perfexion
This radiological treatment device directs focused irradiation with gamma rays to an intracranial lesion. It enables treatment of brain tumors and cerebrovascular disease while leaving the skull intact.
Manufactured by Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife(r) Perfexion スキャン画像例
Manufactured by Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife(r) Perfexion
Not limited to tumors in the brain, this device enables the treatment of tumors outside of the skull, such as in the lungs, liver, and prostate. It enables accurate beam irradiation of the lesion only with precision down to the millimeter.
Manufactured by Brainlab Novalis
Manufactured by Brainlab Novalis
スキャン画像例 スキャン画像例
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Vascular treatment techniques that place a minimal burden on patients
PAD treatment |For those experiencing difficulty walking and pain in the legs|
With the westernization of the diet and a progressively aging society, there has been a rapid increase in PAD(peripheral arterial disease). We specialize in the testing and treatment of PAD, and have established the first dedicated outpatient clinical department in Japan. With one of the highest treatment records in Japan, all of our staff in the respective divisions involved in treatment have a high level of specialization. We have also seen increasing efficacy of treatment with the introduction of artificial CO2 footbath therapy, which results in improving blood flow.
PAD treatment
Cardiac catheterization |Minimally invasive, advanced treatment|
In cardiac catheterization, we actively introduce the latest treatment including stent treatment with minimal restenosis (using drug-eluting stents) and balloon angioplasty where treatment can be conducted without the use of a scalpel. We also strive to reduce the physical burden on patients and to reduce pain by ensuring that cardiac catheterization is conducted in principle without overnight hospitalization, and by using isotonic media when taking images of the lower extremities. Staff in many different roles are involved with a single patient, and highly specialized staff (physicians, nurses, radiologic technologists, clinical engineers, medical technologists) work in collaboration to implement team medical care.
Manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation Cardiac catheterization
Manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation
BRANSIST safire (HB9 Slender)
Vascular Access Therapy |Allowing dialysis patients to lead healthy lives|
Vascular access is an indispensable lifeline when conducting hemodialysis. Ensuring the long maintenance of vascular access also improves the QOL (quality of life) of the patient. We treat vascular access issues by selecting internal or surgical treatments according to the symptoms. Our well-experienced vascular access specialists enable prompt testing and early detection of issues as well as treatment. All of our staff share a common desire for the security and comfort of our patients, actively reaching out to them. Vascular Access Therapy
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Artificial carbonated spring treatment
Medical Tourism
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