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At present, PET-CT scans are indispensable in the early detection, diagnosis, and determination of treatment plans for cancer. Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation was the first to introduce the PET-CT for clinical use in Japan. We have conducted a total of over 100,000 (as of June 2013) PET scans in medically insured examinations and medical check-ups, and have earned the trust of countless medical institutions as one of Japan’s finest PET diagnostic imaging centers.
Manufactured by Siemens Japan K.K. Manufactured by GE Healthcare Japan
Manufactured by Siemens Japan K.K.
PET/CT Device Biograph 40
Manufactured by GE Healthcare Japan
Signa HDxt 3.0T, 1.5T
Compounded use of scanning devices enables highly accurate cancer screenings.
Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation is the largest PET center in the Tokai area, with 5 PET-CT scanners. By combining scanning devices such as CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds, and mammography devices, we are able to check for lesions that could not be detected by one type of scanning device with a high degree of accuracy. For MRIs, we have both 3.0 tesla and 1.5 tesla, which we use differentially according to which is most appropriate for the area to be scanned. Through this compound approach using the latest medical equipment, we are able to conduct highly reliable cancer screenings.
Compounded use of scanning devices enables highly accurate cancer screenings.
Diagnostic imaging by multiple medical specialists and an impeccable follow-up system by dedicated staff
The images taken are read by a full-time radiodiagnostician, followed by a diagnosis by the physician in charge of the screening. With this double check system by two physicians, we have created a faster, more accurate, and more precise screening system. Patients are able to receive a same-day explanation of the results while viewing the images that were taken.
We have also adopted a membership system for physical check-ups, where dedicated staff follow patients from prior to the check-up to after it is completed. In cases where the results of the check-up indicate a need for further testing or treatment by a specialist, our impeccable follow-up system enables prompt arrangements to be made upon collaboration with our physicians.
The highest level of technical capability and interpretation of radiological images provided by experienced medical staff
Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation conducts approximately 1,000 check-ups annually. In addition to the physicians who conduct the check-ups, we have experienced, full-time staff in all roles, including radiologists, nurses, radiologic technologists, and pharmacy technicians who strive on a daily basis to improve the standard of the screening care that we provide.
Hiroshi Iwata-Chairman of the Board of Directors
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