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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We have established the following basic policies to properly manage the medical information of patients collected for providing medical care, and we are committed to thoroughly implementing the policy.


Our basic policy to protect patients’ personal information

  1. We shall collect patients’ personal information within a range necessary for medical examination, nursing, and the operational management of the hospital.
  2. We shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and manage patients’ personal information accordingly.
  3. We shall properly handle patients’ personal information, assign a responsible person, and implement safety measures to prevent any leakage, loss, damage, and falsification of information.
  4. We may provide patient medical information to hospitals or clinics so that patients can continuously receive high-quality medical care. We may also use patients’ personal information for the purpose of the advancement of medicine at scientific meetings, in research, etc. In these cases, patients’ personal information will be made unidentifiable if patients have not given prior permission.
  5. We shall disclose patients’ personal information according to our guidelines if the patient requests the disclosure of his/her personal information.
  6. For further information about patients’ personal information, please ask the Consultation Desk on the outpatient floor.


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Privacy policy
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