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Kaikoukai Healthcare Group operates facilities including hospitals with advanced medical technologies such as radiation therapy equipment and PET-CT scanners, dialysis clinics, and welfare facilities, implementing “comprehensive medical care” from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation. In our quest to take on new challenges without being trapped by conventions, we became the first Japanese medical foundation to enter Indonesia. Providing the know-how cultivated in Japan in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, we strive to raise the standard of medicine in Indonesia.
Through the use of medical equipment made in Japan,




Floor Information
Floor Information
Adopting Japanese medical equipment
In addition to radiography systems, fluoroscopy systems (barium tests), and diagnostic ultrasound systems made by Hitachi Medical Corporation, we have also adopted PWV machines to measure arteriosclerosis and electrocardiograph equipment made by other Japanese manufacturers.
Physical check-ups
In addition to providing mandatory check-ups as they are conducted in Japan, we also offer various other physical check-ups.
Support in Japanese
Indonesian former EPA nurse candidates who have approximately 3 years of experience in Japan working as a nursing aide are able to respond to patients in need of assistance in Japanese.
Collaborating with Japan using image management systems
Our clinic has adopted a digital image management system that digitalizes and manages the images taken by our diagnostic imaging systems (radiography) and fluoroscopy equipment (for barium tests). This enables the sharing of images between Indonesia and Japan, and allows for diagnoses to be made in consultation with specialists in Japan. In addition, if patients bring images taken at other medical facilities on a CD-ROM, these images can be sent to Japan for diagnosis. We support the health of all of our patients from Indonesia and Japan.

Consultation by multiple physicians mainly at Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital
In cases where diagnosis in Indonesia is difficult, we provide support through collaboration with specialists in Japan.

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